Sampling System

Sample Cylinders

Sample Bombs and Sampling System bespoke Designed and Manufactured for Application Specific Spot Sampling for Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Condensate, LNG and Hydrocarbons in other forms.

  • 1. Rugged and Simple Design
  • 2. Easy to install and operate
  • 3. Corrosion Resistant
  • 3. High Pressure Application up to 19000 PSI
  • 4. High Temperature Application
  • 5. Manufactured in various metallurgy such as INCONEL, DUPLEX, SS, 6MO, CS ETC.

Having National and International References of Highly Satisfied Clientele in the Oil & Gas Sector.

Gas sampling bottles are specially designed to collect and store high pressure gas samples from the field & transport the same to laboratories. Superior in quality, these bottles pass through rigorous quality control tests and inspections to ensure maximum integrity and cleaning process for effective corrosion resistance.

Designed as per exact industry standards and guidelines, the gas sampling bottles are available in different sizes and specifications.

Double Ended Sampling Cylinders

Sample Cylinders are designed & manufactured to specification for its long performance life and maximum safety to the user and at site. Sample cylinders are also designed weldless either spun/formed type. The cylinders are designed confirming to DOT Specification.

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