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Complete Challenge
As situation arises, we can meet any challenge. We have executed various offshore jobs within stipulated time. We can rise to the occasion using our knowledge for design (process and mech.) fabrication and erection of equipment and inter-related piping related to chemical petrochemical and hydrocarbon sector.

Complete Quality Control
We involve our self-right from the stage of site study, so as to ease out the job of installation at site. We do the job as per standard codes and practices meeting the requirement of Client & Reputed Third Party Inspection Agencies.

Project Planning

Planning is an important tool that defines the basic policy, direction, and sequence for implementing a project. As such, planning is a key element that influences the success or failure of a project.
HECC provides a systematic and compressive service to our customer by establishing at an early stage, a well-planned project.


HECC contributes to the building of world-class plants through its ability to acquire the best materials and technologies by obtaining and analyzing such information as a list of vendors, price lists from individual companies and changes in foreign exchange rates.

Project Management

Since engineering projects are required to satisfy the technical, quality, budget, and schedule criteria, unique administrative skills and management techniques are necessary. To help efficiently execute projects, HECC has developed, and applies today, a specialized management technique.

The Management Techniques are intended to manage the technical, quality, budget, and schedule in the most scientific and systematic manner by effectively utilizing resources, such as personnel, time, newest technology and information available. The system developed through diverse projects accomplished by HECC, has become the foundation for providing the best service for our clients by completing reliable, quality, and safe projects on schedule and within budget.

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