High Pressure Pipeline & Valve

  • Supply, fabrication & installation of High pressure pipeline and valves in refineries & other oil & gas sectors (CS,MS, Nace, SS & other exotic materials).
  • Repair & Reconditioning of High Pressure Valves under TPI inspection.

High pressure / low pressure separators

  • Repairs, Recertification of Separators.
  • Cleaning & Hydro testing of separators used in Hydro Carbon Industries.

Designing, refurbishment & repair of Offshore process platform Living Quarters

  • Specializing in replacement of partitions, living areas, ceiling, paneling, toilet blocks & associated plumbing lines including insulation & HVAC

SKID Bunk House

  • Designing, manufacturing of custom made utility & accommodation bunk houses for deploying at offshore drilling rigs and unmanned platforms.
  • Skid mounted with hooks for easy transportation at different locations.

Shut Down Job

  • We specialize in time bound shut down jobs at onshore, offshore installation, petro chemical plant, chemical & fertilizer plant & other industrial complexes for repair, replacement of pipelines, valves, fittings, header, insulation, re-routing, pressure testing including all structural repair.

Tanks & Vessels

  • Fabrication & repair of all types of tanks pertaining to oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizer sector.
  • We specialize in repairs, re-certification, cleaning & hydrotesting of pressure vessels, Knock Out Drums (KOD).

Heavy structural fabrication

  • Fabrication & installation of handrails, gratings, ms tanks, Chequered plates & other heavy structural items for various refineries in oil & gas sectors.

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